Sir Pratap Singhji of Jodhpur is the father of the Indian Polo. He was a keen Polo Player and started Polo in Jodhpur which at that time was the home for Polo in India.

Under his tutelage outstanding Polo Players were produced in Jodhpur. To name a few Th. Prithvi Singhji of Bera, Th. Dalpat Singhji of Rohat, Shri Donkal Singhji, Maharaj Kishan Singhji and Sir Pratap's own sons Rao Raja Hanut Singhji and Rao Raja Abhey Singhji. Later Jaipur became the home of Polo with Maharaja Sawai Man Singhji's keen interest in the game. The famous Jaipur team with Maharaja Man Singhji, Rao Raja Hanut Singhji, Rao Raja Abhey Singhji and Rajkumar Prithvi Singhji of Baria won all the tournaments in England in the year 1933 and were known as the world's outstanding Polo team. In 1957 Indian Polo team won World Polo Cup at Deauville, France. The team consisted of Maharaja Man Singhji of Jaipur, Rao Raja Hanut Singhji, Kr. Bijai Singhji and Th. Kishan Singhji. Maharaja Man Singhji's interest in Polo remained till last and he was responsible in having Polo ground and club. Polo now is played from Octomber till middle of March at Delhi, Jodhpur & Jaipur. Maharaja Gaj Singhji of Jodhpur is responsible to start Polo in Jodhpur. Contact us dates

Jodhpur in December - January

Jaipur 1st January - Febuary


Jaipur Golf Club

18 holes, All Green

Charges - Green fee Rs.1150/-, Cadie Rs.200/-, Golf Cart Rs.800/-, Golf Set on Hire Rs 700/-

Contact for Booking : Rajvir Singh (+91-9929299899)

Jodhpur Golf Club

16 holes, All Brown

Charges - Fee including Cadie Charges Rs.450/-, Golf Club Set on Hire Rs. 200/-

Contact for Booking : Dushyant Singh (+91-9829021943)