The great Chauhan clan of Rajputs according to legends sprang out of the sacred sacrificial fire held eons ago at Mt. Abu and hence they are called Agni Kula or the Fire Race Rajputs. They came in to history around 5th-6th century AD and were taken into Hindu fold by a Purification ceremony in front of the sacred fire.

Bundi and Kota was once a single principality ruled by Hada Chauhans. The Hada Chauhans overpowered the Meenas and the Bhil tribes of Chambal valley and established the kingdom of Hadoti.
Kota State was founded in 1624 AD. The first independent ruler was Madho Singh (1624-1648 AD) who was the younger brother of Maharao of Bundi.

They claimed their descent from the famous king Pridhviraj-III, the last hindu emperor of Delhi. The city of Kota and later the state took their name after Koteya, the brigand tribal chieftain who was slain in the battle by prince Jaitsi of Bundi 1241 AD.

Places Of Interest


The impressive fort stands over the chambal valley. The roms have wonderfull fresco paintings.

MADHO SINGH MUSEUM(in the fort )

Has a rich collection of Rajput miniature paintings of Kota school, sculptures, frescos and a good collection of weaponary.


A monument built in the middle of Kishore Sagar Lake.


Baroli Temples(48Kms)

One of the Oldest and one of the spectacular temple of the period 9th Century AD. has intricate carvings.

Alaniya (25Kms)

Rock Paintings on the bank of river Alaniya belong to the 9th Century period.

Distance from Kota
Jaipur 246 kms.
Udaipur 310 kms.
Bundi 38 kms.
Kota is well connected by Rail to all major cities.

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Umed Bhawan Palces, Main Palace with good room an excellent arrangments

Brijraj Bhawan Palace

Palace of HH Maharao Brajraj Singh ji. excellent rooms over looking chambal river

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Kota is the home of famous Kota Dorik Saries