Rathores claim their descent from the Sun through Lord Rama of Ayodhya and are Suryavanshi Rajputs. The Rathores of Marwar-Jodhpur whose scions also conquered and established eight independant kingdoms in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat are descendents from Rao Seoji, In the 13th Century AD. Rathores established themselves in Marwar. The Chief of the clan in 1459 Rao Jodha shifted his capital from Mandore and constructed the invincible fort of Mehrangarh around which Jodhpur, his capital, named after him grew.

In the reign of Maharaja Umaid Singh Jodhpur grew as a modern city. The present Maharaja Gaj Singhji resides in Umaid Bhawan Palace. He is instrumental in promotion of tourism not only in jodhpur but throughout Rajasthan. He traces his lineage from Rao Seoji of 13th Century. The equestrain skill is very famous in Jodhpur. Polo has been the traditional sport of Jodhpur since the medieval times.

There are various places to see in Jodhpur.



On of the most fascinating palace in Rajasthan is the Umaid Bhawan, which was built by Maharaja Umaid Singhji. There are three hundred and forty seven rooms in Umaid Place. It is indeed a spectacular Palace. The Palace now is a five star deluxe palace hotel. The Umaid Bhawan Palace has a magnificent musuem which displays various artifacts.


The most magnificent fort in Rajasthan is the Meharangarh Fort founded by Rao Jodha in 1459 but subsequent rulers of Jodhpur have also contributed over the centuries. There are seven gates, Jaypol and Fattehpol are important gate to the Fort. Fatehpol get was built by Maharaja Ajit Singh to mark the defeat of Mughals.
There is a museums in the fort which has an intresting collection of old royal palanquins, arms and costumes. Phool Mahal in Meharangarh fort was the private residence of the rulers. The ceiling shows rich gold filigiree. The Phool Mahal was created by Maharaja Abhey Singh.


Mandore was the former capital of Maharajas of Marwar. Here you will find the cenotaphs of Jodhpur's former rulers.
Each are four stories high with fine columns and an elegant spire, all in red sandstone. The most impressive cenotaph of Maharaja Ajit Singh. reigned 1678-1724).
The "Hall of Heroes", which has sixteen gigantic figures of local heroes chiseled out of one single rock are worth visiting. Mandore has extensive laid out gardens which are very popular as picnic place.

OSIAN (65 Kms from Jodhpur)

The ancient town of Osian, an archeologists delight, has 16 Brahamanical and Jain temples, beautifully sculpted and designed. Osian is surrounded by golden sand dunes.

GUDA (A Bishnoi Village - 22 Kms from Jodhpur)

Where you find Blackbucks, Chinkara, Bluebulls in plenty.

KHICHAN (135 Kms from Jodhpur)

Migratory Demoiselle cranes locally called as Kurjan are seen in large numbers during winters. The villagers of Khichan feed these birds. The village is very popular with tourists. While going to Jaisalmer from Jodhpur one can go via Osian and Khichan and return via Pokaran and Dechu.

Distance from Jodhpur
Udaipur 260 kms.
jaisalmer 285 kms.
Bikaner 245 kms.
Jaipur 336 kms.
Ajmer 205 kms.
Khimsar 93 kms.
Rohat 40 kms.
Connected by Air and Rail with all major cities.

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