Zalim Singh-I, Jhala Rajput, severed the territory of Jhalawar from Kota and established his kingdom in 1838 AD with Jhalawar as its capital.


Gora Palace

The massive fort situated in the center of the town houses the Collectorate and other offices. Some exquisite paintings and mirror work on the walls are of particular interest.

Bhawani Natya Shala

A unique theatre built by Maharaja Bhawani Singh in 1921 for the performance of plays and other cultural events.


A place of antiquity, strewn with beautiful carved pillars, sculptures and some erotic figures in the ruins of the temple. Dalhanpur lies on the bank of river Chhapi.

Gagron Fort(12 Kms)

This impregnable fort is surrounded on three sides by Aabu and Kali sindh rivers.

Jhalrapatan (6 Kms)

The small town is also knows as the city of bells. Jhalrapatan is famous for the 10th Century Sun Temple and 11th Century Shantinath Jain temple.

Kolvi caves (90 Kms)

7 th. century ancient tock cut Buddhist caves discovered in 1853 AD, The most impressive struture is the colossal stature of Gautam Buddha.

Kota 87 kms.
Bundi 125 kms.
Udaipur 445 kms.
Ajmer 292 kms.
Jaipur 335 kms.

Where to stay

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