The city of the Ajmer was founded by Maharaja Ajay Pal Chauhan in the 7th century AD. The name Ajmer is derived from the orginal name given by him "Ajay Meru" which means the invincible hill. Ajmer has been the home to many dynasty. Each dynasty contributed to the culture of Ajmer. The city is an perfect blend of Hinduism and Islam.

It is one of the major pilgrimage centre. It has the shrine of the 12th Century Sufi Saint Kwaja Moinuddin Chisti and the Pushkar a holy pilgrimage for Hindus. World's only Brahma Temple is located in Pushkar. From 1818 AD onwards it came under the domain of the British, who left behind a legacy of excellent educational institutions.

Places Of Interest

Dargah (Khawaja Sahib)

One of the holiest muslim shrines of India is Khawaja Saheb and attracts 1000s of pilgrims from across the world. Pilgrims come here to pay homage to the revered sufi saint "Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti". The final resting place of the saint is popularly known as Garib nawaz was built in the early 13th century. People from all around the world visit the place.


Initialy it was a temple with beautiful carvings, adjacent to it was a sanskrit school. Mohammad Gauri demolished it and made it as a mosque. It is named Adhai-din-ka-jhonpra because people used to stay tor two and half days, when they visited Khawaja Saheb Dargah.

Ana Sagar

Beautiful lake constracted by the Chauhan rulers. Emperor Shahjahan built white marble pavilions on the bank which are worth visiting.

Mayo College

One of Indias best Public School was founded in 1875 AD to ensure to the sons of the aristocracy of India, a liberal and enlightened education to enable them to keep pace with ever advancing spirit of the age. It was founded as the Eton of the East. Lord Mayo, Viceroy of India was the founder of Mayo College. Today it is a very popular public school.

Distance from Ajmer
Jaipur 131 kms.
Jodhpur 205 kms.
Bikaner 233 kms.
Udaipur 274 kms.
Connected by rail from Jaipur and New Delhi.

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In AD 1596, a young Prince of Jodhpur, Kishan Singh ( son of Mota Raja Udai Sing ), left his home town due to internal dissension and came to Ajmer. With him were about 300 people and on way from Merta and Nagaur many more had joined him.

In Ajmer he met Nawab Murad Ali, the Subedar and through him sent a message of joining the service of Mughal Court of Emperor Akbar, who called him to Agra and gave him the Jagir of Hindon, neear Karauli. This he did not accept as Hindon was too far from Jodhpur, Kishan Singh Having left his home town unwillingly and was still sentimentally attached to it.
Emperor Akbar then issued a secret Farman ( or order ) telling him to lay his hands on any thing he could conquer. With this is mind, he come back towards Ajmer to Setholao, killed the Ruler Rao dudaji and established himself in the region. After conquering a large tract of land around and which took him 15 years, he laid the foundation of the Fort and old city of Kishangarh in 1611 on 'Basant Panchami' day ( which falls in Jan.-Fab.of every year ).
Emperor Akbar having died in AD 1605, his son Jahangir became the Ruler and he recognized Kishan Singh as the Maharaja of Kishangarh.


Enclosed closely on three sides by the majestic Kishangarh Fort and washed on the fourth by the waters of the sprawling Gundalao Lake, nestles Phool Mahal.

Till recently used as a private residence by the Royal family of Kishangarh, it has been renovated and opened for the tourist. It is hoped that you have a pleasant and peaceful stay and enjoy the special ambience of this small Palace.

The quaint town of Kishangarg, which has still not lost its antique flavour. Boasting of main high Street with its narrow winding cobbled Street, bustling bajaar's interesting old havelies and temples.

The old city is a hub of activity, A walk into the bazaar will take you to the silversmith who still uses antiquated tools to fashion jewellery. While you wait, a silver anklet or a simple bracelet can be made for you.

Kishangarh is world famous for its miniature painting and handicrafts.

Kishangarh Jaipur 106 Km

Kishangarh Ajmer 25 Km

Kishangarh is connected with Jaipur by Air


11 Kms. from Ajmer lies in this picturesque township surrounded by majestic aravali hills. It is believed that the lotus flower fell from the hands of Lord Bramha, the creator of universe, and on this spot the lake miraculously appeared. Pushkar is the most important pilgrimage centre of Hindus. The only temple of Bramha in India is in Pushkar. Durinig the month of Kartik during Oct-Nov world famous Pushkar Fair is held which is the largest congregation of people, camels, cattle, horses in India.

Pushkar Fair

Rajvir Singh in 1977 pitched the first tented camp in Pushkar for foreign tourists and hence introduced the Pushkar Fair to the World where tourists could enjoy the most. For five years Rajvir Singh pitched 300 tents with all facilities and excellent catering arrangements for foreign tourists. Today it is one of the most popalar Fair in Rajasthan which is being attended by tourists across the globe.


Locatead 80 km from Jaipur is one of the largest salt lake in Jaipur. For tourist and bird watches the big attraction is of migratory bird like Flaminngus, Imperial Grours and other variety of bird visting Sambhar Salt lake during winter months. Besides migatory birds one could also see variety of ducks, eese and the species of birds. Is lucky one could also important forits pilgrimage site such as Shakambari Mata temple, devyani kund, Sharmistha Sarovar ets.